UHNWIs Discover Silk Road Through Cross-Continent Private Jet Vacation

Presidential Private Jet Vacations (www.PresidentialVacations.com) has added exploring the legendary Silk Road to their collection of one-of-a-kind luxury private jet vacation travel experiences.

The 19-day itinerary (http://goo.gl/KjtbNO) involves exploring eight-thousand kilometers (about 5,000 miles) of once-hidden areas of interconnected network of trade and cultural routes, and experiencing ancient traditions in this unique and special private jet vacation journey.

The strategically and carefully designed trip begins in Beijing where guests will have rare opportunities to walk the Great Wall in the company of arguably the most informed historian on it, glean insights on Chinese economy and politics from a high-level corporate executive whose stay in the country spans more than 30 years, and engage in dialogues with a book author and BBC reporter who have witnessed the changes in modern China.

In Xi'an, guests can tour the ongoing excavation with the lead archaeologist, and make a behind-the-scenes visit of the restoration room at the Yangling Museum.

Dunhuang is China’s third stop, and includes a curated visit of the Mogao Caves and the Jade Gate Pass. 

The use of the private jet allows for a comfortable straight flight into Samarkand, which marks day eleven of the Silk Road itinerary, and is where guests will take in mosques, art, and stars.

Next, guests will visit Bukhara and Khiva, and will gain an in-depth look into Uzbekistan’s prominent role in the Silk Road. All major landmarks in the three Uzbek cities are visited in the company of the most knowledgeable private guides in local culture. Experiential activities include meeting with a renowned artist and participating in a silk painting workshop in Samarkand, and dining at the home of a local family in Bukhara.

Day 15 begins in Turkey, which is the final five-day leg of the trip. Here, guests visit mesmerizing Istanbul in complete luxury and with privileged access to doors normally closed, including a private evening tour of St. Sophia and an especially catered exclusive dinner at Macar Feyzullah Pasha mansion surrounded by ottoman opulence.

Other features of this leg of the trip include an exploration of hip and historical neighborhoods, and a meandering tour of the Grand Bazaar with the savviest of private guides who incorporate a lecture on fine carpet weaving by a master of the art. Guests also enjoy an excursion on a private motor yacht luxury on the Bosphorus strait passing along the Golden Horn.

The Gulfsteam V is the private jet of choice for the Silk Road trip. Its long range and sheer comfort, including sleeping arrangements for night flights, make it ideally suited for the journey to China, Uzbekistan, and Turkey. As it is customary with Presidential, guests are afforded the opportunity to select a different private aircraft if they prefer.

Like all Presidential Private Jet Vacations, the Silk Road trip can be fully customized to the interests, tastes, and lifestyle preferences of guests.

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